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Welcome to the team!

Chances are, if you’ve landed here, someone has told you about Rocktape. We’re very proud of our reputation and only provide the best training and products. We’ve worked hard to earn the trust of thousands of practitioners and we hope to meet your expectations.

How do I get professional pricing?

Simple. Drop us an email by clicking here and we’ll send you all the details. You’ll be able to purchase immediately. Or if you prefer, we can direct you to one our outstanding distributors who offer our products.

How can I become a Rocktape Doc?

As a Medical Pro (DC/MD/PT/AT/OT/LMT/D.O.) you’re pre-qualified to become a Rocktape Doc and be listed on our web site after you’ve made your first purchase. You can go here to enroll in our Rocktape Doc referral program.

What’s an FMT Certified Rocktape Doc?

If you want to up your game and credentials, simply enroll in one of our FMT clinics. We hold these clinics frequently and through out the world. Our class listings are here.

After successfully completing one of our clinics, your basic Rocktape Doc listing can be enhanced to show you’ve completed an FMT course. You’ll also be entitled to special pricing incentives.

What’s different about your training?

We listened when you said you wanted an easier way to tape. We developed the award-winning Fascial Movement Taping (FMT) Clinics. Our slogan “Taping movement, not muscles” sums it up nicely.

FMT teaches several new concepts including:

• Fascial Movement – the idea that our fascia is as important as muscles.
• Movement – assessing and understanding movement is key to successful outcomes.
• Chains – we believe there are sport-specific kinetic chains that can be activated to enhance performance.
• Open Source – There is no single right way to do anything. We embrace all ideas and concepts and welcome input from everyone.

You can go here to learn more about our training.

Fill out the form & get listed in our database.
All kinesiology tape is not created equally.

Rocktape stretches 2 times more than most tapes (up to 180%) and is twice as sticky.