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Customer Letters

“I have been so amazed with rock tape and wanted to send a special thank you for helping me through what seemed like a never ending injury. I was struggling with shin splints for about a year. I tried everything from rest, new shoes, ice massage, stretching, strengthening exercises and running on soft surfaces but I couldnt get the pain to go away. One day, my physical therapist said he wanted to give the tape a try. I was very skeptical. I’m an engineer and I didnt really understand how it worked at the time so I had almost no faith that it would help me. But on my first run out, I was shocked to realize that my pain was almost gone. I thought it might be in my head but on my next run, I had even less pain. I used the tape until I could run pain free without it. After a couple months, I started to feel the pain come back and I was crushed. I taped my legs right away and it worked! I know I must have some underlying problem that makes the shin splints keep coming back, but until I figure it out, I’m glad to know I can rely on rock tape. I am incredibly thankful for this product. Running keeps me sane and I struggled through the year when the pain kept me from running. Since I discovered rock tape, I’ve recommended it to several friends struggling with shin splints and they too have found relief. Thank you for the research you do and the great product! I will always keep a stock of it just in case! My only regret is that I didnt discover it sooner. ”

Alex Stellato

Black Hawk Rockstars

“As a healthcare professional working with athletes, I try to find the best ways to help keep my athletes on the field or court. RockTape has given me another tool in the treating of musculoskeletal conditions involving impairment, functional limitations, and disabilities because of pain or inflammation. It has also given me a competitive edge for Enhancing Performance of my athletes. A few players on my football team had the Power-Taping method administered on them, and they could really feel the difference, especially as they started to get tired. They said it gave them that extra push when fatigue started to come into play! I recommend RockTape to anyone. Between the elastic and adhesive properties, RockTape is second to none in the Kinesiology Taping World!!!” (Pictured Senior 2nd-Team All-State Quarterback Garrett Forsgren handing off to Senior 1st- Team All-State Running Back Alex Howard—Garrett is Power-Taped for throwing, and Alex is Power-taped Posterior and Lateral -for explosion and cutting Lateral Movement patterns.)

Ryan S. May, ATC, LAT

Head Athletic Trainer

Williams Field High School

Physician Extender under Dr. Jeffrey M. Vaughn, DO

Phoenix Children’s Hospital

Army Strong

I wanted to personally thank you for making sure I received my package, even with the FedEx issue. This past weekend, I participated in the Bataan Memorial Death March at White Sands Missile Range, NM, competing in the women’s military light category (uniforms, boots, and light pack/Camelbak), complete with my Rocktaped up feet as I try to shake some lingering plantar fascitus.

My feet stayed comfortable and blister-free the entire race, even in my combat boots, helping me to finish 21st out of 115 in the women’s military division.

After the race, I tried the Rock Sauce for the first time on my achy legs and lower back and holy cow is that stuff powerful (you could smell it down the hall from my hotel room)! It definitely helped relieve some of the aches and tension and is helping with my recovery!

While I am still a little stiff (that is what you get for running for 7 hours), I have no doubt that the tape and sauce aided in my performance over the weekend! Thank you again so much and I look forward to continuing to use your products for a very long time!

Go Army!
CPT Sharon Kircher

Wowie zowie


I thought you would like to hear how Rocktape impacts an average woman and helped me after a very serious injury. I have had low back and tailbone pain since 1997. After breaking my hip in Jan. 2009, from a fall during a snow/ice storm and being ill for nearly the whole year, I was finally diagnosed with Degenerative Disk Disease in my low back and coccyx and Rheumatoid Arthritis in my hands, fingers and one elbow. As you can imagine, being ill for nearly a year means you can’t do the things you normally do, like doing maintenance on your houses such as caulking and replacing bad boards. In May 2010 and EF 0 tornado hit my neighborhood. It didn’t cause as much damage as some of my neighbors had however we did have some damage to the roof, trim boards, soffits, and porch post. A week before Thanksgiving, my husband and I finally finished six months of work that included replacing sheets of siding and trim boards, caulking and painting my house. This involved a lot of ladder climbing. Of course all that climbing aggravated my knee (I had surgery on it 15 years ago) and the way you have to stand on the ladder to paint was not helping my back. All the repetitive movements aggravated my RA elbow to the point of bursitis. I used the Rocktape on my elbow, knee, and back for the whole six months I was working on my house. It stayed on in 100 degree heat with 80 percent humidity, while cooling off in my swimming pool, while showering, and while sleeping. And I don’t mean for a day or two either. Rocktape stayed on for five to seven days! As you can imagine, I have tried several brands of Kinesio tape over the years for my back pain. The other brands I tried would come off when I started to sweat or while sleeping so they weren’t much help. Not only did Rocktape help with the mobility of my joints, it helped me manage the pain and use less prescription pain medication. I will never be without Rocktape!

Thanks for developing a kinesiology tape that works so I don’t waste my money.

Sincerely yours,
Donna Hays

San Diego Sockers

Dear Dr. Corey and RockTape:

Over the past few years (playing MSL and now with the San Diego Sockers) I have been battling through tarsal tunnel syndrome.

I’ve seen a number of doctors and trainers who all highly recommended surgery. I needed something that could help me stay on the field for the time being.

Dr. Corey Lichtman introduced RockTape to me and began taping me. It helped me significantly by bracing my ankle and eventually helping to cure the problem!

I now use RockTape on all issues that arise during the season, from my calf, to my knee. Not only do I get the support I need but feel the tape help with my endurance and decrease my fatigue factor.

Thanks Dr. Corey and RockTape!
-Kraig Chiles

Semper Fidelis


I just wanted to say thank you for your outstanding product. About three weeks ago, I sprained the AC joint in my left shoulder trying to snatch 225 lbs. Unfortunately, I knew that I had a Midwest CrossFit competition coming up (this past weekend), and I was worried that because of the injury I wasn’t going to be able to compete. However, after trying some of my friends Rocktape, I went ahead and bought my own roll and used it this weekend and couldn’t believe the results. The tape stayed on the entire weekend, and I didn’t even think about my shoulder. I set new personal records on Shoulder to overhead (link to video is below), consecutive muscle-ups (14), and hammered out overhead squats and handstand pushups without problems (pictures attached). Anyways, I just wanted to say thanks, and to let you know that you have a customer for life! My team took second out of the 36 teams there, so again, thank you!

Semper Fidelis,

Capt Andrew Koch
Officer Selection Officer

Rock-N-Roll Marathon

Adam Kirkcaldie

A few photos (i’m number 88 with white shorts) from the the Battle
of the Paddle on the 2nd & 3rd of Oct. I participated in the elite race and
distance race. In the elite race I had a good race but i had the worst possible
start, tripped on the water entry losing my paddle resulting in me having to
play catch up from last place. I ended up in 51st place out of 158 paddlers.

The Rocktape totally helped my shoulder! Thanks and i’ll keep on paddling!

I’ll keep you posted.

Vance Jacobs

Just wanted to make sure you received my VM. You helped me with how to use your product just a couple days before my first ironman and everything came out great – even with a tweaked knee and pulled hamstring. Your videos and guidance on how and when to apply the tape were invaluable.

I would have called earlier, but i left for a business trip abroad the day after the event and just returned yesterday. Thank you again for making such a great product and making it accessible to both Olympians and weekend warriors like myself. You have a client for life.

Tanya Erpen

My daugher Shanelle is 12 and is addicted to ‘rocktape!’.

She trains at the State Gymnastics Centre in Perth Western Australia, 24 – 26 hours per week in the sport of elite rhythmic gymnastics. She is two time Australian All Around Champion and over the past two year has won six gold and two silver in apparatus finals at the Australian and New Zealand National Championships. This year she is in the level ‘Junior International’. She hopes to one day compete at the Commonwealth or Olympic Games!

Hypermobility and several ankle rolls and twists later, she constantly had to have her ankles strapped for every training session. Often a session would last for five hours. The time, cost and skin irritation that this strapping required was driving us (and our physio!) mad….until we found..Rocktape! We love it. It lasts. It doesnt irritate the skin. Its not time consuming. Its changed our world! Our physio, Garry Russo at Northbridge Physiotherapy in Perth, uses the around the foot and straight up the side of the leg to the knee tecnique. Amazing.

Thanks ‘rocktape’ for changing our lives!