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pHast Legs – The Perfect Paleo Supplement

pHast Legs is an amazing new product designed for people who love to consume acidic foods like beer, coffee, wine, sports drinks and pasta.

Eating paleo is great, but a protein-rich diet can have drawbacks. Increased consumption of lean meats can lead to acidosis, a condition in which there is too much acid in the body fluids. It is the opposite of alkalosis (a condition in which there is too much base in the body fluids). Additionally, athletes on protein-rich diets can suffer from respiratory acidosis when they work hard. If athletes pH levels are not in balance, they might experience performance problems instead of gains. pHast Legs is a clinically proven alkalizing agent that can help keep an athlete’s pH levels in balance.

How many times has someone told you that lactic acid causes muscle burn? Guess what, they’re wrong. The latest research has determined that lactic acid, which is produced during hard efforts is not responsible for the burn. So what is? Hydrogen ions are believed to be the culprit. As you exercise, your respiratory system attempts to remove carbon dioxide. If your respiratory system can’t keep up, waste products such as hydrogen ions and carbon dioxide accumulate in your muscle tissue until they are flushed out though your liver. This accumulation is what is linked to ‘muscle burn’ or low grade acidosis. pHast Legs neutralizes these waste products in the blood and helps an athlete maintain a healthy pH balance, reducing Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) and recovery time.

And speaking of recovery, as the cells in your muscle tissue fill up with waste, they begin to burn and more importantly, nutrients are prevented from entering your tissue which delays your recovery. pHast Legs works like a garbage truck – it increases your blood’s ability to naturally remove the waste which decreases the burn and speeds up recovery. How? In addition to key minerals which are natural alkalizing agents, pHast Legs balance the pH levels of your blood which helps optimize recovery.

What’s your blood pH?

If you’re using our product, chances are you’re an athlete and want to enhance your performance. Great! Let’s first start by examining your diet. Figure 1 shows some foods that are acidic and alkaline.

If you’re like me, I eat way to the left of where I should be. Why? Because like most humans, I love coffee, beer, chocolate and pasta! I do try to eat more green, leafy stuff and the right kind of fruit but at the end of the day, my blood is far too acidic for optimum performance.
Remember, acids and alkalines are both good, they just need to be balanced. pHast Legs is a great tool to help you get and stay balanced.

See your pee do amazing things!

In your kit are pH test strips. Before you start pHast Legs, use these first thing in the morning to test your urine’s pH level. By testing your urine, you’ll establish a baseline so that you’ll be able to see the effect of pHast Legs within a few days!

If your urinary pH fluctuates between 6.2 to 7.2 in the morning, you’re good. Test your pH 2-3 times per week. Use the pH strips to actually see the changes pHast Legs is making to your body. Best not to bring used pH strips to your friends house to show around…

The Science

The way pHast Legs works is pretty simple. pHast Legs uses Alka-Myte®, a special blend of minerals that is the perfect alkalizing agent.

Clinical Study

In a recent clinical study, the effects of pHast Legs were tested on 24 nordic skiers. A variety of tests were performed to measure upper body power, oxygen consumption (VO2 L/min), blood lactate (mmol/L) and minute ventilation (VE L/min). The participants were divided into two equal groups. One group was given a placebo and other group received a 7-day treatment.

The Conclusion

In response to seven days of ingesting an Alka-Myte®-based nutrition supplement, trained Nordic skiers experienced significant changes in cardiorespiratory, blood lactate, and upper body power output measures. In contrast, a similar group of Nordic skiers consuming a placebo did not experience similar changes. Thus, this supplement appeared to impart an ergogenic benefit to the skiers that may be similar to the effects expected from consuming well-studied extracellular buffering agents such as sodium bicarbonate.

Results from clinical study

5% increase in power after 7 days

pHast Legs neutralizes (alkalizes) the acidic waste and hydrogen ions that build up in your muscles during intense workouts in much the same way as baking soda takes the tang out of lemon juice. When your pH blood level is optimized, you perform better and recover quicker. Proper pH levels greatly reduce muscle burn and soreness during and after hard efforts.

pHast Legs uses 2-phase technology which means its ingredients will be released twice: the first release is within 15 minutes of initial consumption, which is a great way to start a workout. The second release occurs about 1-2 hours later, which makes pHast Legs the perfect endurance sports supplement.

pHast Legs is a systemic product so it’s best if you use it daily. If you don’t use it daily, don’t worry -you should see a 5% power improvement in 7-10 days. By testing your urine each week with the included pH test kit, you’ll see the effects of pHast Legs within 24 hours. You’ll also start to feel better within 3-4 weeks, depending on exercise load, sleep patterns, stress and diet.

Users describe the feeling as “having more energy”, “able to produce more effort when needed”, “ less fatigue after a long day” and “faster recovery”.
We describe it as ‘ass-kicking’!

The Story

My Grandfather William van den Dries was a badass. He raced on the velodrome in the 1900s. He rode his bicycle like the crazy Belgian he was. He rode so fast that he qualified for the US Olympic team.

My Granddad also had a head for chemistry. As a Belgian cyclist, he understood lactic acidosis and knew a way to greatly reduce its effects, so he drank water mixed with baking soda to make his blood more alkaline.

This little trick was important because back in those days, diets consisted of very acidic foods: coffee, grains, beer (yikes!) and pasta. Foods that alkalize the blood like fresh fruits and dairy were expensive before the modern grocery store was invented.

The problem with this little trick was that the baking soda concoction would cause horrible stomach problems which required lightning fast trips to the bathroom!
Fast forward to today and the concept of alkalization is everywhere – the data a vailable suggest substantial performance gains for athletes who use alkalizing agents. And unlike in the old days, modern chemistry has solved the stomach problems so put some “fast” in your body today with pHast Legs!