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jog. sprint. win.

Our ancestors developed the ability to run over four million years ago. Once a requirement for survival, running is now one of the world’s most popular competitive sports, with many different disciplines, including marathon, middle distance, cross country, sprinting and more.

Running can be tough on the body. The continual rise and fall of body weight and the forces of gravity take their toll on your feet, ankles, legs, and back.

That’s why you need RockTape.

Support. Endurance. Recovery.

RockTape does it all.


Rocktape not only works wonders for injuries but also assists in coordination and movement. When runners fatigue, they lose form. When form deteriorates, runners slow down.

When we tape runners using our PowerTaping protocol, we help them extract every ounce of energy from their bodies and use it as efficiently as possible. Why? Because running isn’t just about the legs – it’s about an entire chain of muscles and how they work together to achieve the win.

Look at the video and notice how there’s an re-action for every action; the left side reacts to the movement of the right side, the runners’ bodies are moving in a perfectly coordinated manner.

Also of note is the foot strike. It appears they will heel strike but right before ground reaction, the foot rotates and falls mid foot. It almost appears as if the foot hovers right before the foot strike. Amazing!

pHast Legs

Rocktape isn’t the only weapon we offer runners. pHast Legs is our newest product and is designed to help runners solve two important problems:

Muscle Burn – How many times has someone told you that lactic acid causes muscle burn? Guess what, they’re wrong. The latest research has determined that lactic acid, which is produced during hard efforts, is not responsible for the burn. So what is?

Hydrogen ions are believed to be the culprit. As you exercise, your respiratory system attempts to remove carbon dioxide. If your respiratory system can’t keep up, waste products such as hydrogen ions and carbon dioxide accumulate in your muscle tissue until they are flushed out though your liver. This accumulation is what is linked to ‘muscle burn’.

Recovery – As the cells in your muscle tissue fill up with waste, they begin to burn and more importantly, nutrients are prevented from entering your tissue which delays your recovery. pHast Legs works like a garbage truck – it increases your blood’s ability to naturally remove the waste which decreases the burn and speeds up recovery. How? pHast Legs balances the pH levels of your blood which helps optimize recovery.

Go here to lean more about pHast Legs

Need a little coaching?

Running. Seems simple.

Anything that can be timed is competitive and if it’s competitive, it isn’t simple.

The ability to run is a fundamental necessity for most sports. To run well means to run fast and without injury.

So if you’re interested in learning how to run, or learning how to teach others to run, check out these resources.