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Run and Gun

If you’re a police officer, special operator or competitive shooter, you know what it’s like to spend all day on your feet with a weapon in your hand.

Forearms, feet and backs ache so much you can barely keep a target in your sights. We also know that fatigue affects performance. Your worst performance has to be better than your enemies’ best on any given day. If you fail to perform, someone’s life may be lost.

This is why you train like you do.


We understand. We have your back. Literally. We have your feet, hands, arms and legs, too.

Rocktape is a high-tech elastic tape with unidirectional stretch that supports muscles and joints without reducing range of movement. You can wear it for support but still leap from a patrol car to chase a bad guy, or HALO drop into a hot spot and dispatch the enemy. It’s thin, light, supportive and comfortable to wear for up to 5 days. Rocktape is perfect for treating Achilles tendons, plantar fasciitis, lower back problems, shoulders, calves and more.


Rocktape not only works wonders for injuries, but also assists in coordination and movement. When athletes fatigue, they lose form. When form deteriorates, athletes slow down or miss targets. When we tape an athlete using our PowerTaping protocol, we help them move more efficiently. How? Rocktape on skin activates skin receptors while stabilizing joints, so your movements are better coordinated. For example, barrel sway is critical to marksmanship, so if your barrel is moving in a figure 8 while you’re acquiring your target, tape can help alleviate some of the sway which will give you a better chance to hit your target.

Rock Sauce

Rocktape isn’t the only weapon we offer tactical athletes. Rock Sauce is our newest weapon in the fight against aches and pain.

Muscle Aches – If you’re sitting in a patrol car all day or chasing bad guys through the desert, chances are you’re gonna have a few aches and pains. Rock Sauce is one of the most powerful topical pain relievers available over-the-counter.

How powerful? Rock Sauce contains 20% Methyl Salicylate, 10% Menthol and .002% Capsaicin. Capsaicin is a natural ingredient found in chili peppers and is what gives pepper spray its heat.

The ingredients in Rock Sauce provide an immediate cooling effect to help numb the pain, followed by an explosion of heat to relieve tired and achy muscles. Simply put, if you want an easy solution for your fatigued and sore muscles that helps you recover quickly, Rock Sauce is a powerful weapon.

Works with Tape – The best part about Rock Sauce is that you can use it as a standalone solution for pain or use it with Rocktape for complete revitalization. Simply apply Rocktape as you normally would and then apply Rock Sauce on top of the tape. The Rock Sauce will sink in to the tape and slowly leach out to create a warming sensation that will last for hours. Together, these products pack a powerful punch to knock out the normal aches and pains we experience as tactical athletes.

Need Some Coaching?

Rocktape works with a variety of companies and coaches that we feel are best of breed. If you’re looking to increase your skill, try these folks.

Costa Ludus – Costa Ludus conducts training for the game of life, where the knowledge and skills learned in training may one day translate over to the streets or battlefield, determining life or death. We train others with the understanding that life is bigger than us. We understand the sacrifices that others make on a daily basis for our freedoms – that is why we take training so seriously.

Blauer Tactical Systems – Blauer Tactical Systems (BTS) is one of the world’s leading consulting companies specializing in the research and development of close quarter tactics & scenario-based training for law enforcement, military and professional self-defense instructors.

10X Defense – Omari Broussard is the Founder of 10X Defense and Co-Founder of the Association of Defensive Shooting Instructors (ADSI). His background in training military, law enforcement, security professionals, and private citizens gives him a broad experience base. His specialty is progressive Counter Ambush based training and fitting the fundamentals into the context of his diverse clients’ environments.
10x Defense

5.11 Tactical – 5.11 Tactical creates superior products that enhance the safety, accuracy, speed and performance of law enforcement, military and firefighting professionals. Built on a foundation of durability, quality and value, 5.11 Tactical leads the industry in delivering functionally innovative gear, head to toe.