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Taping Clinics Overview

Until now, choices were limited if you wanted to learn how to use kinesiology tape. They consisted of reading a book or attending an expensive class that was created to lock you into one way of applying tape.

We’ve developed two different taping clinics.

These clinics are designed for different audiences.

  • FMT clinics are designed for medical professionals interested in clinical applications and movement rehabilitation.
  • PMT clinics are designed for coaches, personal trainers, athletic trainers and athletes who are interested in taping for performance and injury.
  • DMT clinics are designed for LEOs, first responders, military, competitive and recreational shooters and tactical enthusiasts interested in taping to improve movement, performance and relieve the pain of common injuries.
Although the clinics differ in scope and purpose, we base our training on four key principals:

1. Research – we only promote what has been clinically proven. The insert-to-origin method is interesting but the science does not back it up. What has been proven is that kinesiology tape helps promote blood and lymphatic flow. We use this as the basis for almost all taping applications.

2. Open source – we don’t think we know it all and welcome input from everyone. You’ll find a variety of methods discussed and taught at our clinics.

3. Observation – we believe that if you take the time to watch someone move, you’ll see conditions which can be improved. We teach you how to use your eyes and brain as much as we teach you how to use your hands when applying tape.

4. Frame work – we can’t teach you everything so instead we give you a framework to assess and treat. This framework guides you in your observations and treatment plan so you’ll get more effective outcomes.

Rocktape teaches its POWER Taping method throughout the world and has trained over 3,000 practitioners.