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PowerTaping Clinic for Athletes

What’s the deal with the bad-ass looking tape I see on athletes everywhere?

It’s called Rocktape and you can bring a 3 hour CrossFit-­-Rocktape Power Taping clinic to your athletes to help them maintain form, combat fatigue and improve performance.


1) Contact a Certified Power Taping Instructor with a few potential dates for your clinic. Don’t know a Power Taping Instructor? Use the “Rocktape Near You” link at our website to find a Chiropractor, Physical Therapist, Sports Therapist or Trainer in your area who has completed our FMT1 and FMT2 courses.

2) Schedule your clinic for a three-hour time block that works best for your athletes to attend. Consider holding a WOD after the taping clinic so your athletes can feel the benefits of Rocktape.

3) Download the flyer from our website and customize it for your clinic.

4) Set up registration for this event on your website; you can download a banner from Rocktape for your homepage. Most boxes sell seats for PowerTaping sessions for $50/attendee.

5) Get the word out – send/email flyers to other boxes, athletes and coaches in your area. This is a great opportunity for your community to learn about CrossFit.

6) Order tape for your event: plan on 2-3 rolls per attendee. Be sure to order at least 10 days before your event so we have time to get your tape to you! And be sure to purchase scissors, too – one pair for every two attendees.

If you have any questions, call us at 408 213 9550 and select 2 for Sales. Email us for the financial benefits of holding your own Power Taping Clinic!