The award for the best kinesiology taping instruction manual of 2010 was awarded to Rocktape’s PowerTaping: Taping Movements, Not Muscles, 2nd Edition. The award recognizes the manual’s focus and advancement of kinesiology taping and was given by The Kinesiology Tape Information Center, an organization that reports on the developments of the K-tape industry.

With over 70 color photos and illustrations, this manual provides new insights into the field of kinesiology taping for both rehabilitation and sports performance. It provides a comprehensive technical education for anyone utilizing kinesiology taping on a regular basis.

Based on the kinetic chain and “all one fascia” concepts, Power Taping is the new cutting edge of taping for both rehabilitation and athletic performance. The manual covers both the theory and techniques of PowerTaping in 5 key areas:

PowerTaping for Rehabilitation
PowerTaping for Edema Control
PowerTaping for Postural Control
PowerTaping for Pregnancy
PowerTaping for Sports Performance

“Written for trainers, coaches and health professionals, Power Taping uses moderately complex anatomical and medical terminology, but the application instructions are simple and accompanied by excellent photographs.”