Using Rocktape to protect your hands

Using RockTape to protect your hands

New video from our Ambassador and Chiropractor Ashley Worobec on how to Use Rocktape to create grips to protect your hands when doing lots of pullups or lifts. Get Your Tape Here By Ashley Worobec, Chiropractor and Rocktape Ambassador
Home recovery kits

A home recovery guide for the NHL Senators

A home recovery guide for the NHL Senators This year, we decided as a medical staff to provide for our players home recovery kits. We only have our athletes for 3 hours a day so much of the rest and recovery the athletes undergo will be away from their work...

Flossing and swelling

Flossing and swelling I was recently fortunate enough to represent RockTape with my colleague Cynthia at the Canadian Physiotherapy Association National Congress in Montreal. We demonstrated RockTape product and provided information about RockTape educational courses...