Ethan Kreiswirth

Dr. Ethan Kreiswirth PhD, ATC is the Director of Medical Education at RockTape HQ.

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RockTape:  March is athletic training month. But did you know it’s also women’s history month? Name a great female athletic trainer and why she rocks the job.


I’ve always respected and looked up to Willda Jarrett. She gave back to so many through her years of AT. She is currently retired.


RT:  Tell us about yourself! Why did you get into athletic training? How do you practice now?


I got hurt in high school wrestling and met with an AT that aided me back to health. I went to a Division 2 state school as an undergrad. I loved every minute of helping athletes return to sport. I worked for years as an ATC for high school, college, and professional athletes. 

Today, when I’m not working alongside my best friend Steve Capobianco at RockTape HQ, I’m running an Athletic Training business called Kreiswirth Sports Medicine. We specialize in Brazilian Ju-Jitsu (BJJ) events. I’m still active in the sport, and fitness in general.


RT:  Sounds like you’re in pretty good shape! So we signed you up for an Ironman in May. Which bodyworker(s) will you consult for training & rehab?


While I think I have the bike part in the bag (I’m a cyclist), I’d hit up Jaime Mor, Joe LaVacca, Mitch Hauschildt and Mike Stella.


RT:  When it comes to self-care & rehab, what concepts do you focus on?


For myself, I focus on mainly mobility issues. As I’m aging, I’m uncovering more issues related to mobility in my mid spine.

On clients, I typically will use TiggerPoint tools to increase tissue and joint mobility. I like to follow up mobility work with kinesiology tape, applying it on the area to lock in my mobility work.


RT:  You’re a big reader. Any life-changing reads you recommend for other ATs?

Kreiswirth:  Real Movement, by Adam Wolf

  • Anything on pain science! I love Moseley and Butler (David S. Butler and G. Lorimer Moseley)
  • Born to Run” by James Earls, and “Born to Walk” by Christopher McDougall
  • Real Movement” by RockTape FMT instructor Adam Wolf, PT, LMT FAFS
  • “The Story of the Human Body” by Daniel  E. Leiberman



RT:  Name another RockTape FMT instructor who taught you something that blew your mind.


Steve Capobianco always blows my mind with his knowledge on research related to pain science and the nervous system. He has this incredible ability to share a story via education.


RT:  You have been a major player in creating education and teaching nationally for RockTape for over ten years now… What is your favorite RockTape FMT course to teach?


Definitely our flagship course, FMT Basic kinesiology taping. There is so much to share about the connection between skin and the brain. The brain interprets tape on skin in so many different ways on different bodies. I’m fascinated with the concept of hacking the brain’s perception of pain and reframing it.



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Ethan Kreiswirth